As a preface I need to admit that I have not written anything for the pleasure of it in years, but about a month ago I got inspired and started writing one day.  It was a bit messy but I hit my stride and in two weeks I had 25,000 words and felt like maybe I really had a start on something.  I stopped and sat back to look at what I had written and realized that it was a good start but a bit disconnected and in need of an ending.  I wondered about what other writers did when they got to this point, the roll has stopped rolling and suddenly I have this mass of story and no idea what to do with it. So I Googled and the first thing I came across was Randy Ingermanson’s “How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method”.

I admit I clicked on it because I like snowflakes

The most helpful thing to me about the snowflake method was the idea to write character descriptions.  What motivates your character?  What is their backstory whether is belongs in the story or not?  It brought me to the realization that most of what I had written was plot and very little attention was given to the characters and what their motivation was.

There are many more wonderful tips and instructions through the link I put above, and I suggest if you are interested in getting a little help with your writing you check it out!